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JOEBM 2019 Vol.7(3): 126-131 ISSN: 2301-3567
DOI: 10.18178/joebm.2019.7.3.594

Mindfulness Endorses Healthcare Perspective by Business Management: An Empirical Study of an Employee

Yu-Hung Tung and Jui-Chien Hsieh

Abstract—Stressful work has adverse effects on health, employees’ health conditions are closely related to their work efficiency, healthcare is important for employees, health promotion is an important part of business management. Mindfulness is positively correlated to health; employees can do 15-minute mindfulness meditation easily in workplace. The purpose of this study is to explore the possibility of using 15-minute mindfulness meditation to improve employees’ healthcare in working environment. In this study, when employees do 15-minute mindfulness meditation during break time in their workplace, we record their feeling before and after 15-minute mindfulness meditation and record their heart rate before and when doing mindfulness meditation via wearable heart rate device. Series data are analyzed with quantitative and qualitative methods. The study results show that comparing the heart rate before 15-minute mindfulness meditation, we can find that the heart rate significantly decreases when doing mindfulness meditation. We also find the advantage of doing 15-minute mindfulness meditation such as feeling more comfortable, improving headache and mood, reducing fatigue and stress. In conclusions, we can observe that doing 15-minute mindfulness meditation may help to enhance parasympathetic function with decreasing heart rate and improving employee well-being in workplace. Promoting 15-minute mindfulness meditation in workplace is help for both employee and business management, using wearable heart rate device may help for monitoring the heart rate and stress variation.

Index Terms—Business management, healthcare, heart rate, 15-minute mindfulness meditation.

Yu-Hung Tung is with New Taipei City Hospital, New Taipei City Government, Taiwan, and Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan City, Taiwan (e-mail: y00107@ yahoo.com.tw). Jui-Chien Hsieh is with Department of Information Management, Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan City, Taiwan (e-mail: jchsieh@saturn.yzu.edu.tw).


Cite:Yu-Hung Tung and Jui-Chien Hsieh, "Mindfulness Endorses Healthcare Perspective by Business Management: An Empirical Study of an Employee," Journal of Economics, Business and Management vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 126-131, 2019.

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